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January 2019

Thank you Sue, you said things which only people on the other-side would know, very calm very relaxing xx Carol


January 2019

Thank you very much Sue – Really appreciate the reading you gave me, and this gives me some peace of mind.  This gives me some peace of mind.  Thank you so much                      Danielle


Hi ya it was lovely to meet you and Pebbles, You are an amazing lady, you blue me away, you were spot on with everything, it was just what I needed to move forward and now I know that it is my dad and its not my imagination when I sense him around and when I have thoughts that are given me advise bless him. It is such a comfort knowing that he and my other relatives are there.

Thank you with all my heart  Jacquie xx


I can’t think how she possibly could have known the things she did, too accurate to be guess’s I am convinced    Steve


My first for an evening like this, blew me away, totally amazing. Getting my sons name too Look forward too seeing you again BIG THANK XXX



 Hi Sue many thanks for the time yesterday. it was great. I’d have mailed you last night but I don’t know what happened after talking to you.. I was floored; I just slept for 4hrs !!! And really relaxing it was, too!!! Anyway, it was a big help, reassuring, positive and just what I needed.. Thank you JB

February 2018



Was lovely to hear from both Grandfathers today, I knew I would. Interesting to mention the Irish connection, as my husband is Irish Very Touching.    Thanks


I certainly would recommend her. She actually told me something that no one apart from the person it was about would know. Plus she told me things i didn’t know about my family. I kept saying no, but as it turned out she was spot on. I feel bit cross with myself to be honest as that night I went to see my cousin who’s mum died at 46 last year and she was trying to get a message to her daughter but because I didn’t know who had diabetes I didn’t listen    Julia, March 2017


I first met Sue at an open day in Bedfordshire.

Having never been to one of these events, I asked what would be the best approach. It was suggested that I walk around the room and see who I felt most connected with. There were about 14 spiritual clairvoyant medium’s present and I related immediately with Sue.

Due to her popularity there was a queue which meant I didn’t get to sit with her until late in the afternoon, so after a day of working with people and a well-deserved rest Sue sat opposite me and instantly stated that there would be a change in my work life very soon.

Two weeks later everything changed.

This was actually the only thing I remember from our first encounter because it was such a dramatic visual announcement and something I really wanted.  This was in 2013.

Today, I see Sue whenever she pops into my head, it tends to be every 7-9 months and selfishly at times when I am struggling to deal with a particular situation, or when things are going badly. Being a naturally positive person I realise that things can’t be all bad all the time, however, seeing Sues put a better perspective on things.

Sue will say and see things that I cannot connect with immediately. Places and names that mean nothing to me at the time, but gradually things make sense and I feel guided by the spirits who have visited Sue.

On every occasion my father has been present. Frequently other close family and friends come forward – all of the information conveyed is positive and constructive – even if it doesn’t make immediate sense.

I feel Sue has changed my life for the better. It is a delight to be in her company and she makes what can sometimes be an emotional experience something that is of value and to be treasured.

Anyone who needs to comfort of knowing a loved one is happy, possibly out of pain and caring about you in another world needs to see Sue. You will leave feeling reassured and encouraged. Personally, I will be seeing Sue when I feel I need solace and guidance for many years to come. 

February 2016


Hi Sue, a big thank u for the wonderful readings they were great so overwhelmed with them, so comforting and great upliftment too. So good of u to give Brian & Gary messages too bless ya. You done us proud your such a wonderful soul.. and thank u for letting us into your lovely home, wot a fab room, so spiritual and a warm feeling.. we enjoyed it so much, Mel is so happy but will be even happier after her scan n it’s not twins ! Haha.. Love & light hun have a fab weekend xxx 


I have always been interested and intrigued by the spirit world. I am a big believer that when you pass its not the end. From the moment I got in touch with Sue I knew that she was a lovely person. Sue came to my home where myself and 7 friends were very eager to have our one to one with Sue. Not one person came out of their reading with a dry eye. Everyone felt very emotional and comforted by what they had been told. The things that Sue said to me particularly she would not have known! The 5 spirits that came forward were accurate to the point I knew it was them. Sue knew my current situation inside out and what type of person I am and what I find difficult, it was amazing how she knew so much! Everyone seemed to come out very happy and pleased with what they were told. We would all love to see Sue again. Such a lovely and comforting lady

Alex Chuplis, December 2015


This is the second time I have been to one of Sue’s evenings and I find them fascinating.  The accuracy of the readings is incredible.  I had a private reading both times and the information given was scarily accurate even down to a surprise pregnancy!


Thank you Sue, I didn’t understand how powerful a reading could be.  Many things have been troubling me but I feel lighter now. Bev

Andrews Hall June 2015


Amazing, made me feel at peace, knew way too much. My dad has never come through before but he came through her (Sue).  Feel amazing. Thank you, Becky 

Hunstanton August 2015


Thank you so much, my first ever reading and it was lovely to have my mum come through having lost her not so long ago.  It was of great comfort and I cannot thank you enough

Kings Lynn September 2015


Thank you very much, mu husband is totally shocked – was sceptical but now believes – all your reading is explained.  Karen

Great Yarmouth, October 2015


I had a clairvoyant reading from Sue which was very accurate and helpful.  She has a lovely, caring manner and has an obvious connection to spirit.  I have also listened to her work on the “Spirits with Soul” show on Blog talk radio: http://www.blogtalkradiio.com/theopencircle/2015/03/23/spirits-with-soul I recommend you check it out”


I would just like to say thank you for the reading you gave me on Saturday, 23rd July. I have always been inquisitive about the Spiritual side of life and I’m so glad you were my first introduction to this. I shall definitely visit with you again and would recommend others do so too

Kind Regards,    

Yve Collins


Dear Sue

It It was lovely talking to you again this morning. I felt I had to contact you just to let you know that everything you said to me hit the nail on the head  even if it was a year late

You talked about me being guided towards a healthcare profession, possibly gaining certificate, diploma or NVQ. You also spoke of a legal document linked to my financial problems

I only found the original reading notes 2 days ago and was shocked at the accuracy of your reading

About a month ago, I enrolled on a University course ‘Practitioners Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy’. My Debt Relief Order (DRG) has now been processed and I am finally debt free.

I have to be honest, at the time, none of what you said made any sense at the time so I dismissed most of what was said. I was EXTREMELY shocked when I read back through the notes and am thrilled to let you know .. YOU WERE BANG ON!!!

Thank you so much

Love Maddy xxx